Learning to Lead

Igloolik kids sharing with Miali

Miali-Elise Coley

Iqaluit, Nunavut

Student, University of Regina

Faculty of Education

I am aspiring educator from Iqaluit, Nunavut. I have dreamed of working in the education system since high school. My desire is to work with the young people and learn from them as I guide them in their learning.  Struggling in the current education system is something I can relate to having lived through it. I believe there is great potential in Nunavut, just like any other place. It is important to build the resources from within the community, but it also requires support and training that maybe sometimes need to be found outside of the territory.  There are many Inuit who are working through the identity challenges of being colonized and still able to keep their language and culture as they transition through the changes.

I am in my 3rd year of the B.Ed program at the University of Regina. My upbringing in the north has given me an understanding of how difficult it can be to be taught in a language not commonly spoken at home. As a first language Inuktitut speaker, I remember the challenge of trying to transition from the Inuktitut stream into the grade 5 English classroom. Inuit and non-Inuit Educators are finding ways to better involve the culture of the people into the education system.

My experience outside the north has been very beneficial in making sense of the connections and similarities northerners have with the rest of the world. As much as we are isolated, there are many reminders that we are all connected through areas such technology. This education process has been worth it. I have faced many challenges and questioned my own process to continue, but the reminders to go on are everywhere.

I am fulfilled knowing I have come this far and will be able to look back and remember the challenges I overcame in order to continue in journey.  I look forward to sharing more about my educational process and contributing positively to the growth of the Inuit community. I believe anyone can make a positive impact, it’s a choice to work through the obstacles and be reminded that we are not alone.

Thank you for participating in this learning process. I look forward to sharing more of my personal experiences and making the best of this learning journey.

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